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Homemade Milk Mayo for Food Allergies?

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What-what-what? What is milk mayonnaise, what does it have to do with food allergies, and what do you mean I have to make it myself?

I cut out of church early today because I wasn't feeling well and listened to yesterday's broadcast of The Splendid Table while driving home. Cookbook author David Leite' was talking about milk mayonnaise.  At first it caught my attention as an allergy friendly product when he mentioned it had no eggs in it.  But of course, milk is a big allergy issue for many and milk is right there in the name. Don't let the name fool you - read on!

As the interview progressed, Mr. Leite' spoke about how flexible the recipe can be.  He mentioned hearing of people using different types of milk including soy or almond milk (hint-hint).  He said you could try different oils according to your tastes. And he described the different ingredients that can be added to milk mayo to give it a variety of flavors and uses.  It sounds like you can make it gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and boredom free!

Wow - milk mayonnaise sounds like the ultimate allergy safe condiment!  You can make it into a sandwich spread, a dip, or a salad dressing.  But, yes, you do have to make it yourself if you want to meet the specific allergy needs of your household and to make it into something that might fill in a condiment gap in a special diet.

If you're not a cook, ask a foodie friend to make it for you.  Food allergies is one of the few special needs bullets we have dodged (tho I'm told Celiac could kick in for Clara-Bear at any time so she is tested every few years).  We can use any condiment or dressing we want, but I'm still intrigued by this recipe. It sounds easy and full of potential.  I wouldn't mind making it together with a friend in exchange for some adult beverages not paid for by me.  All in the name of sharing some good times.

SNL's Delicious Dish Scweddy Balls (NBC)
Friends sharing "good times" on The Delicious Dish  (NBC Saturday Night Live)

Luckily for you, there's a detailed blog post about how to make milk mayonnaise on The David Blahg (he is a cookbook author so does not disappoint when it comes to the do's and don'ts of this recipe).  You can also find the episode rundown for July 28th, 2012 at The Splendid Table. I couldn't get the podcast to embed so look to the left side of The Spendid Table's page for the podcast link under the name David Leite'.

Leave a comment if you try the recipe, and if you come up with a mayo blend that's really interesting and tasty!


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