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Bloggers ShareTips for Those New to Autism or Asperger's

If you or your child has recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger's, you might be drowning in a sea of information.

Hopefully, this Resource Directory will help you get your head around a new ASD or Asperger's Diagnosis. These bloggers are all writing from experience. Either they have a child (or children) with Asperger's or ASD, or they might be the one with the diagnosis.

Each of these bloggers has had different experiences with ASD or Asperger's and each has unique perspectives on living with these complicated diagnoses. If you like a post that you read, be sure to read the blogger's story and a little more of his or her writing. Leave a comment with your questions or thoughts. Start a discussion, share your experiences and advice. Good luck, and God Bless your journey!

Directory of Blogs with Tips for Parents and Individuals New to Autism or Asperger's

Post 17 Ways to Help Your Autism Spectrum Child & How to Cope and Thrive with Having a Child on the Autism Spectrum
Blog A Spectrum of Hope
About A Spectrum of Hope is the blog of AnnaLaura, librarian and Online Business coach who was diagnosed with ASD at age 5. Her blog's mission is to provide help, hope, and fundraising for parents of children on the Autism Spectrum.

Post Advice for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children
Blog Autism Speaks Official Blog
About Autism Speaks is a national Autism advocacy, awareness, and resource group that also supports funding for Autism research. This post is a collection of parent to parent tips. They are short and from the heart.

Post Advice for Parents of the Newly Diagnosed
Blog Outside the Asylum
About "Outside the Autistic Asylum" is one late diagnosis Asperger's Syndrome Patient's view on his obsessions, which include his Roman Catholic Faith, Software Engineering, Esoteric Economic Theories that are informed by the previous two viewpoints, Political rants, and other crazy stuff he wants to post but doesn't want to harm his career with by posting in a more popular forum."

Post Autism: The Early Days; 4 Tips for New Spectrum Parents
Blog Dear Autism: Short Letters to Autism from a Not so Super Super Mom
About Tonie is a writer, a single mother, and her middle of three young children has ASD. She's really a Super Super Mom.

Post New to Autism or Asperger's? 5 Tips for Dealing with TMI (Too Much Information)
Blog able2able... Your Special Needs Resource Directory
About My name is Anara, and able2able is my blog. I am a Registered Nurse, a writer, and I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter with a dual diagnosis of Autism and Down Syndrome, multiple delays, and a complicated medical history. I also have a 3 year old Typically Developing son who is more high maintenance than my daughter most days, and a very needy red dog named Red Dog. I feel like I have preschool twins (triplets, if you ask the dog).

Post Psychology: Autism & Asperger's
Blog Bastard Teacher from Hell
About Christian Drossmann is a German teacher with a background in Psychology and Educational Science.

Post What's the Sensational Scoop? 10 Tips for Sensational Parents
Blog The Gift: A Blog for Caregivers of Sensational Children from Lily Wolf Words
About "A place for writers, Moms, and families with special needs--particularly caregivers of Sensational Children--to reach out, to help or just to give cyber hugs."

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